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cardiac-biomarkers-test-singapore In recent years, the importance of early detection and prevention of heart disease has grown. The cardiac biomarkers test Singapore is one of the most effective instruments for this purpose. This test is essential for detecting and treating cardiovascular problems. The availability and quality of cardiac biomarker testing have greatly improved, allowing patients to discover heart problems early and seek suitable therapy in this bustling metropolis. This article discusses the different aspects of cardiac biomarker testing in Singapore, including what they are, why they are necessary, the fees, availability, preparation, and how to have the test at The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Center.

What is a Cardiac Biomarkers Test?

A cardiac biomarkers test, which is very important in Singapore, is a blood test that detects the presence of specific proteins and enzymes in the blood. These biomarkers are important indications that are released into the bloodstream when the heart is injured or stressed. Cardiac biomarkers test Singapore is critical for detecting a variety of heart diseases, including myocardial infarction (heart attack), heart failure, and other types of heart disease. Key Biomarkers include:
  • Troponin: Troponin is the most specific indicator for cardiac muscle injury. Elevated levels suggest a heart attack and are the primary focus of Singapore’s cardiac biomarkers test.
  • Creatine Kinase-MB (CK-MB): Creatine Kinase-MB (CK-MB) is an enzyme that elevates when heart muscle cells are damaged. Together with troponin, it contributes to the diagnosis.
  • B-type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP): High BNP levels are related with heart failure, making it an important measure for clinical diagnosis and therapy.
  • Myoglobin: When the heart or skeletal muscle is injured, this protein is released into the bloodstream and rises quickly, providing early diagnostic information.
These biomarkers give vital information that can assist Singaporean doctors make quick and accurate diagnosis, resulting in better patient outcomes. The cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore is critical for the proper management of patients with suspected heart problems since it measures and analyses these indicators precisely.

Why Should You Need to Go Through It?

A cardiac biomarker test in Singapore could save your life. There are various reasons why this exam is important:

1. Early Detection

Heart illnesses frequently manifest silently and can be devastating if not diagnosed early. A cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore can detect heart abnormalities before they worsen, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. This is critical for avoiding problems and optimizing long-term health results.

2. Accurate Diagnosis

The symptoms of heart disorders can be similar to those of other diseases, making diagnosis difficult. Cardiac biomarkers provide specific and trustworthy information regarding heart health, which aids in accurate diagnosis. This is especially significant in complex clinical situations when many illnesses can present with similar symptoms.

3. Monitoring Heart Health

Regular cardiac biomarker tests can assist persons with known heart issues track the development of the disease and the efficacy of therapies. This continuous monitoring is critical for adjusting treatment strategies to ensure the condition is managed optimally.

4. Risk Assessment

This test is beneficial for people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and a family history of heart disease. It aids in determining the risk of developing heart disease and implementing preventive actions. Early risk assessment using a cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore enables prompt lifestyle modifications and therapies, perhaps avoiding catastrophic heart problems.

5. Emergency Situations

In cases of chest discomfort or other acute symptoms, a cardiac biomarkers test can swiftly indicate whether the heart is in danger, allowing for immediate medical attention. This rapid response is crucial in emergency situations, such as suspected heart attacks, where every minute counts. Overall, the cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore is an important tool for detecting, diagnosing, and managing heart problems, with a major impact on cardiovascular health and patient care.

How Much Does a Cardiac Biomarkers Test Cost in Singapore?

The cost of a cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore varies greatly based on numerous aspects, such as the healthcare provider, the exact biomarkers being checked, and whether other diagnostic procedures are necessary. In general, the cost ranges between SGD 200 to SGD 600. Factors Influencing Cost:
  • Healthcare Provider: The facility you choose might have a significant impact on the cost. Private clinics and hospitals often charge more than public healthcare institutions due to the varying degrees of service and amenities provided.
  • Type of Test: A comprehensive panel that contains many biomarkers, such as troponin, CK-MB, BNP, and myoglobin, is typically more expensive than a test for a single biomarker. More extensive testing offers a more comprehensive assessment of heart health, albeit at a higher cost.
  • Additional Tests: In some situations, doctors may offer other diagnostic tests in addition to the cardiac biomarker test to provide a more complete picture of a patient’s heart health. These additional tests can greatly raise the overall cost of assessment.
Before undertaking a cardiac biomarkers test, it is critical to consult with specialized healthcare providers in Singapore for full cost. They can provide information on any available packages or insurance coverage that may help to cover the price. Understanding these aspects can allow you to better control your healthcare costs while also receiving the essential heart examinations.

Does Singapore Cardiology Clinics Offer Cardiac Biomarkers Test?

Yes, many cardiology clinics in Singapore, both commercial and governmental healthcare organizations, have the necessary facilities to perform cardiac biomarker studies. These tests are critical for accurately diagnosing and managing heart problems.

Major Healthcare Providers Providing Cardiac Biomarker Tests:

  • The National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS): A renowned public institution that specializes in cardiovascular treatment. It provides a wide range of diagnostic testing, including cardiac biomarker studies. It is one of Singapore’s leading cardiac care institutes, known for its comprehensive approach.
  • Singapore General Hospital (SGH): nother important public hospital that offers comprehensive cardiac care, including the cardiac biomarkers test Singapore. It is well-known for providing high-quality medical services and modern diagnostic technologies.
  • Private Clinics: Many private cardiology clinics in Singapore, including Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Gleneagles Hospital, and The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre, provide cardiac biomarker tests. These clinics are noted for delivering individualized care with lower wait times, which appeals to patients who require more immediate or attentive care.
These facilities ensure that Singaporeans have access to high-quality cardiovascular diagnostics, such as the cardiac biomarker test, which is crucial for the early detection and treatment of heart diseases. Whether you choose a public or private provider, you can expect professional service and dependable diagnostics.

How to Prepare for a Cardiac Biomarkers Test in Singapore

Preparing for a cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore is rather simple, however you should follow these general tips to ensure the accuracy of your results:

1. Fasting

Some cardiac biomarker tests may demand that you fast for a few hours before the test. To avoid interfering with the results, you must strictly adhere to your doctor’s food and drink guidelines.

2. Medication

Inform your doctor about all of the medications you are currently taking, as some can affect the results of your tests. Depending on their influence, you may need to temporarily discontinue some drugs before having the cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore.

3. Physical Activity

Avoid severe physical activity prior to the test, since it can temporarily increase the levels of certain biomarkers, potentially leading to deceptive results.

4. Health Information

Give your healthcare practitioner detailed health information, including any symptoms you’re experiencing, your entire medical history, and any family history of heart disease. This information is critical for correctly understanding your cardiac biomarker test findings.

5. Hydration

Unless advised differently by your doctor, remain hydrated. Adequate hydration is essential since dehydration can concentrate your blood, influencing test findings. Drinking enough water before the test helps to maintain normal blood volume and sample quality. Following these preparation procedures will help guarantee that your cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore produces accurate and reliable findings, allowing you to manage your heart health more effectively.

Cardiac Biomarkers Test at The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre

The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre in Singapore is well-known for its comprehensive cardiovascular treatment and cutting-edge testing capabilities. Here’s what you may expect from a cardiac biomarker test at this center:
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: The centre, which is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic technology, ensures that your cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore produces exact and dependable findings. The precision of these tests is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Expert Cardiologists: A team of skilled cardiologists at the center will evaluate your test results and provide specialized treatment strategies based on your specific situation. Their knowledge guarantees that you receive the finest quality care throughout your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Comprehensive Care: In addition to the cardiac biomarker test, the facility offers a full spectrum of cardiovascular services. This comprises modern imaging exams, stress testing, and interventional treatments, all designed to provide a comprehensive approach to heart health.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre is well-known for its patient-centered approach, which emphasizes lengthy consultations and comprehensive follow-up care. This ensures that each patient understands their disease and treatment alternatives, resulting in improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Convenient Location: The centre is strategically positioned in the heart of Singapore, making it easily accessible and offering flexible appointment scheduling to fit its patients’ busy lifestyles. This convenience is critical to ensure that crucial health services, such as the cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore, are readily available to individuals who require them.
Overall, The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre is a top choice for people seeking a cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore, providing top-tier medical knowledge, comprehensive care, and great patient service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cardiac Biomarkers Test in Singapore

What are cardiac biomarkers?

Cardiac biomarkers are proteins and enzymes that are released into the bloodstream after the heart is damaged or strained. They assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of heart problems.

Why Is a Cardiac Biomarkers Test Important?

The test is critical for early detection, accurate diagnosis, monitoring of heart health, risk assessment, and emergency scenarios including chest pain or other acute symptoms.

How Much Does Cardiac Biomarkers Testing Cost in Singapore?

The cost normally ranges between SGD 200 and SGD 600, depending on the healthcare provider and the individual biomarkers being evaluated.

Do I have to fast before the test?

Fasting may be required for certain testing. It is critical to follow your doctor’s recommendations for food and drink consumption.

Can Medication Affect Test Results?

Yes, certain drugs can influence the outcome. Inform your doctor about every medicine you are taking.

How long does it take to receive the results?

Test results can take anything from a few hours to several days to arrive.

Is the test covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover cardiac biomarker tests, but you should verify with your provider for specific coverage information.

Where Can I Get My Test Done in Singapore?

Cardiac biomarker testing are accessible at large hospitals, public healthcare facilities, and private cardiology clinics, such as The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre.

What Should I Do If My Test Results Are Abnormal?

If your test results are abnormal, your doctor will discuss them with you and propose more diagnostic tests or treatment options.

How Often Should I Have a Cardiac Biomarker Test?

The frequency of testing is determined by your risk factors, medical history, and doctor’s recommendations. Individuals with documented heart issues or who are at high risk may require regular monitoring.


The cardiac biomarker test is an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Singapore’s modern healthcare facilities and professional cardiologists guarantee that patients receive prompt and accurate diagnosis. Whether you are at risk for heart disease, have symptoms, or need to monitor an existing problem, the cardiac biomarkers test can provide valuable information about your heart health. The Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre stands out as a top choice for this test, with cutting-edge diagnostic instruments, experienced treatment, and a patient-centered approach. Understanding the significance of cardiac biomarker tests and what to expect allows you to take proactive efforts to maintain your cardiovascular health in Singapore. Regular testing, early identification, and prompt management can help manage heart health, potentially saving lives and increasing quality of life. If you are concerned about your heart health, speak with a doctor and consider obtaining a cardiac biomarkers test in Singapore. If you’re experiencing symptoms of heart disease or simply wish to assess your heart health, don’t delay. Contact the Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre for a comprehensive evaluation. Reach out to us at +65 6235 5300 to schedule an appointment with one of our esteemed cardiac specialists. Prioritize your heart health today—your well-being is our utmost concern! Written by: Dr Michael MacDonald MB ChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP (UK), MD (Research), FESC (Europe).  Dr MacDonald was trained in the UK and is a senior Consultant Cardiologist.

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